RUST : THE AFTERWORLD (abbreviated RTA) is an innovative card game created by Daniele Visentin & Max Pietricola and published by The AfterWorld Company, whose first Limited Edition has been fully funded via Kickstarter in April 2019 (with one of the most successful campaigns run that same year by an Italian team) and then again in 2021 for its glorious 2nd Print Run.

After a long work of research and development - plus an extensive testing process - our creative team gave birth to a completely new kind of card game: a totally immersive experience with RPG's elements, supercool artworks by world-famous artists (like John Avon, Paolo Parente, R. K. Ferguson and many others), innovative mechanics and a sophisticated game system about survival. And it's unbelievably fun to play!

RTA is set in a near future, a prophetic future. A future in which the world has been devastated by a terrible Total War. And from the ashes of war a dreadful disease spread out, a plague which affects both men and machines: it is called the RUST.

In this rotten, shattered world, humanity has been decimated... and the survivors have gathered into 4 factions, to the four corners of the Earth, fighting each others for survival.

Among the survivors, there are some chosen ones, a few special individuals who seem to be immune to the plague and who soon become heroes for their peoples.

They are called: the Masters. And you, as a player, will be one of them!

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“Year 2030. After the Total War a terrible plague came out. They called it Rust.”

from The Rust Chronicles